Privacy Policy

Last updated: March 13, 2020

This Privacy Policy is intended to delineate how 4ib uses, collects, and discloses information that is obtained via the website, which also includes the country-specific webpages you may be directed to depending on your IP address and your location from where you use our site and view this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy also applies to the information that is collected and processed via our social media pages and accounts, this includes Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. This policy also applies to scenarios when you use certain 4ib applications and extensions that are connected to your 4ib online account.

The website is owned by 4IB, LLC. (referred to in this document as “we”, “us”, “4ib” or the “Company”), which is located in the United States. 

By using the 4ib website, you authorize 4ib to transfer your personal information between national borders as well as to other countries of 4ib (and its partners’) operations, including the United States. Though the laws, rights, and privacy protections in these locations may not be equivalent to those of your location’s jurisdiction, personal information as such will only be transferred between different countries where the law permits. In addition, we will ensure that all personal information is protected appropriately.

In case you share other individuals’ personal information, please note that it is required that you are legally permitted to do so.

Summary of Key Points

  • You hereby agree to the terms of this policy, including the information about your choice regarding how we use and share your data, by doing any of the following:
  • Using our website or its subdomains
  • Signing up for 4ib- sponsored events
  • Registering for a 4ib account
  • Accessing the 4ib administrative console,
  • Interacting with any of our dedicated social media pages on third-party platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube
  • You are hereby informed that we will obtain your permission before
  • sending you any promotional material about our services and products
  • accessing any information stored on your device relating to your use of, and engagement with, our website, social media pages, and crash reports.

       You are free to withdraw the consent that allows us to engage in these activities at any time. To do so, simply modify your preferences on our website, send an email informing us of your concerns, or simply click on the ‘Unsubscribe’ button under any of our emails.

  • Within this policy, you will find information about how 4ib processes personal information for our legitimate interests. For example, we may use the personal information provided by you to:
  • Send you critical information regarding your activity on the 4ib website,
  • Provide access to any of our 4ib products and services as requested by you,
  • Authenticate users who sign in to a 4ib account and/or access the website with/without these credentials,
  • monitor the performance and activity on our systems and networks
  • and for other purposes to the extent that is permitted by the law.
  • Following your choices, we may also share your personal/contact information with our advertising and sales partners
  • Your information may be revealed to third parties in the following cases:
  • To process data on 4ib’s behalf, when outsourced by us
  • If required by law, so as for 4ib to comply with due legal obligations or in certain other situations
  • We provide several features that may be connected to social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. If you use these features, the mentioned sites will then send us site-related personal information about you.
  • 4ib uses cookies and other technologies to track the use of our websites and apps. View our cookie policy in your browser to learn more about cookies and tracking.


What does this privacy policy cover?

This privacy policy outlines 4ib’s use of your information in the following areas/scenarios:

  • All of’s websites and associated websites, including sub-domains to which you may be redirected depending on your location
  • If you have a 4ib account, this policy then applies to your use of the website and certain connected extensions or applications once you log in to your account
  • 4ib’s online sales, marketing, and advertising practices
  • Personal information shared by you or the information made publicly available when you interact with our social media accounts or visit our pages on social media sites (such as YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter). Please note that such sites are not owned, managed, or controlled by 4ib. The collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information while visiting these other sites is subject to the sites’ privacy policies thereof, and not 4ib’s. To learn more about the policy that applies for your information in the case of one of these websites, please review their policies prior to revealing any personal information on those sites

Since the terms under this privacy policy do not cover the privacy of our affiliated merchants or other entities that use 4ib for e-commerce on their websites, if you are a customer of a merchant or any other party that uses the 4ib platform on their website, please refer to their associated privacy policy for information to learn directly about their use and disclosure of your personal data.

If you are a 4ib business customer, there may be additional privacy terms in addition to this privacy policy or as a substitute for this privacy policy. In such a case, this policy may be a part of a license or another commercial agreement between you and 4ib.

What personal information does 4ib collect?

4ib collects your information to identify you when you perform any of the below actions:

  • Register on our website
  • Sign up for an event/webinar
  • Request content or information from us
  • Create a 4ib ID
  • Contact us for support


4ib may collect the following information in the above contexts:

  • Name
  • 4ib ID
  • Username and other login credentials
  • Company name
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Payment/billing information (upon online purchases from 4ib)
  • We may also verify whether you have given us consent share and/or use your personal information in a certain way, and the time and date at which the consent was provided
  • Information collected from you during customer support interactions with the relevant personnel

To maintain our databases and to provide accurate content and user experiences on the 4ib platform, the information provided by you may be combined with information from third-party sources according to the applicable law. For example, we may obtain various information based on the company name provided by you, such as its size and the industry. This information may be obtained from professional networking sites, business databases, and other sources connected to our service providers.

In the case that you request more information from 4ib or one of our partners, or if you register for an event/webinar connected to 4ib, your information will be shared with the relevant entities following your consent to do the same.

We also collect data regarding your usage of our website and the services within, our extensions, social media content, and our platform. The information collected may either be anonymized or it may be associated with you, including the following:

  • IP address
  • Type of browser and device
  • The webpage that led you to a 4ib website
  • The search terms entered into the search engine you used that led you to the 4ib website or an affiliated website
  • How you use and navigate our website, the 4ib platform, and our affiliated extensions (this information is collected via cookies and other tracking technologies, and may also be collected by 4ib servers when you are logged in to the website or platform)
  • Content and data aggregated about your usage, including activity logs, and direct feedback from you for analysis
  • Additional information that helps us provide products, services, and tools to you, including information sent to us that is required for 4ib’s extensions or applications added by you for your 4ib deployment to operate.

How does 4ib use my personal information?

The information collected by 4ib may be applied for the following reasons:

  • To take steps towards fulfilling a contract, which may include customer support, sending security or other updates and patches to you, and helping you to use extensions, tools, and apps. These include:

-Verifying your identity

-Providing you with credentials and access to your 4ib administrative console and other 4ib products and services purchased from 4ib

-To send 4ib-related communications and emails to you as and when required, including payment-related updates or subscription expiration dates

-Conducting 4ib certification exams and issuing 4ib certifications, as and when relevant

-To analyze your use of the website to better estimate the effectiveness of our platforms, websites, and extensions. This will help acquaint us better with their usage to improve the overall customer experience

-To create or enhance new products and services provided by the 4ib platform and its subdomains

-To estimate the outreach of our PR and advertising campaigns to help modify them according to the needs of our users

-4ib may use dedicated software or systems to process your content using machine learning. These analyses are intended to help 4ib improve your experience where your consent is not required

-Detecting and resolving issues with our platforms or network

-Carrying out research and surveys about our customers and their interests, our marketing campaigns, and customer satisfaction, unless consent is required – surveys that require your consent will be conducted only upon your permission

-Investigating feedback/complaints that you may send to us

-To prevent any illegal activity, including fraud and misuse on our websites, platforms, and systems. This includes the detection of cyberattacks or cases of identity theft to prevent such incidences

-To investigate the following when necessary: legal claims, compliance, audits, regulatory purposes; this includes the disclosure of information connected to a contractual obligation, legal process or litigation

  • In scenarios where 4ib has your explicit consent or it is otherwise consistent with your choices, we may do the following:

-Communicate information to you regarding our tools, services, and products, including special offers and similar information, and also disclose your information to our affiliated third parties for their marketing purposes, if you have provided your consent for this purpose

-Place cookies and/or other such technologies on our platforms, including our websites and apps as well as in emails in accordance with our Cookies Policy and the information communicated to you when we use these technologies

-Access crash reports and other information related to the usage of our platform and the associated websites and applications that are stored on your device

-In the cases where we ask you for consent, your information will only be used for the purpose outlined and disclosed to you, unless we are required to do otherwise by law.



Our website and Services are not directed at individuals under the age of sixteen (16), and we do not knowingly collect Personal Information from individuals under sixteen (16).

Does 4ib share my personal information with third parties?

4ib may share your personal information with third parties if the following conditions are met:

  • When you agree to the sharing by revealing the information to others by posting the content on any of our social media pages, any message boards, online forums, blogs, chat boards, or our forums. Any information you post on these channels will become public and may be viewable by other users and the general public. 4ib is not responsible for the use, disclosure or security of these third parties.
  • In situations where we are required to provide information in response to a subpoena, court order, or other applicable law or legal process. Please note that this scenario may also comprise laws or legal obligations placed by geographical jurisdictions outside of your location
  • In cases where we have a good faith belief that it is necessary to reveal certain information so that we can prevent or respond to fraud, defend our systems and networks against any attacks, or protect the property and safety of 4ib, our customers and users, or the public; and
  • If we are ever to be acquired by another company, merge with another company, sell a 4ib website, app, or business unit, or if all or a portion of our business and assets are acquired by another organization, your information may be revealed to our advisers and/or a prospective purchaser's advisers and will be one of the assets that are transferred to the purchaser.


4ib is not responsible for the privacy policy, information collection, and other practices of third parties, including those that own a website, tool, or service that can be accessed by users on 4ib’s platform or websites with a link. Such links on a 4ib webpage do not imply that 4ib endorses the linked site or its related services or tools.

Related information: collection and use

As far as is allowed by the law, 4ib may aggregate and/or pseudonymize information such that you or your data are not identified or connected to you (“Other Information”), and this information may be used or shared by 4ib. This information may include the following:

  • Data that is collected from cookies, pixel tags, and other tracking technologies that are free from individual identifiers, such as cookie IDs
  • Statistical information and other related data regarding the usage of 4ib’s customer support
  • Other platforms, services, consoles, websites, and extensions
  • Browser information,
  • Anonymized device type information
  • Demographic information

Please note that the above information does not identify you and will be anonymized. This information is used solely to ensure the effectiveness and function of all our platforms, websites, and online services. If required to treat Other Information as personal information under the applicable law, 4ib may thus use and disclose this information for the same purposes as outlined in this policy to use and disclose such personal information.


Cookies and Pixels

Cookies are pieces of information that are used by 4ib and its service providers for security purposes that are intended to help the platforms various features function seamlessly, including navigation, information display, and an experience that is personalized according to your usage and needs. As such, cookies are stored in your computer and are collections of related usage information, including the type of browser used, the time that you spend on our websites and platforms, the pages you visit/frequent on our platform, your language preferences, in addition to similar, anonymous traffic data. 4ib may also collect related statistical information regarding your use of our services to ensure that our design and functionality is continuously enhanced to suit our users and to better understand how our services are used. This information also helps 4ib to keep track of the website’s overall performance while surveying the outreach of our marketing and advertising campaigns and their effectiveness.

In addition, cookies serve the purpose of helping to follow the success of our online ads. Cookies do so by collecting information regarding the types of ads that our platform displays to each user, including whether they were clicked on and the location of the ad on the website.

4ib performs cross-site tracking. This allows us to serve you ads following your visit to our site. This is a part of our user retarget marketing campaign. We do not respond to do-not-track signals.

In case you do not wish for the above delineated information to be collected in the form of cookies, you are provided the functionality to decline this feature on most browsers, and can also decline or accept cookies based on their type on a given website. To learn more about cookies and the available choices, you can view the following website:


It is also possible that you will receive advertising or other 4ib-related offers that are customized according to your needs. In case you do not wish to use cookies, a few features on our platform (website, tools, services, and products) may not be fully functional. More information regarding our cookies and cookie management is available in our Cookie Policy.

Apart from cookies, we also use pixel tags that are also known as web beacons and clear GIFs that help us to follow 4ib’s user engagement statistics with the ads displayed on our platform as well as emails sent to you. Such technologies help us track the effectiveness of our advertising capacities and efforts to make relevant statistics and to measure responses. This helps give us a better picture of the usage of our online services.


Sensitive Information

We request you to not reveal any sensitive or personal information on our platform (4ib’s websites and subdomains, customer support platform, or other channels of communication). This includes information that may identify you (SSNs, ethnicity, political orientation, personal beliefs, your health status, biometrics or genetic characteristics, criminal background or trade union membership).

Under no circumstance does 4ib sell or monetize your personal information.

Is my personal information secure?

The security of all personal information stored on the 4ib platform is important to us. 4ib provides administrative, technical, and physical security controls that are reasonably enforced to protect all personal information. Despite these efforts, security controls are not always fully effective, thus it is all the more important to exercise caution when revealing any sensitive or personal information online on our platform.


Where does 4ib store my personal information?

All sensitive and personal information/data/files are stored on our servers and the servers of companies that are hired by us to provide such services.  

Is my personal information transferred to different countries?

Following applicable laws, 4ib may transfer your personal information across national borders to other countries.

Upon request, 4ib can provide a copy of the procedure relevant to your case. Such requests can be made by contacting the phone number/email address provided at the end of this privacy policy.   


Your rights as a data subject

According to some countries’ laws, our users may have the right to request their personal information stored by us. This request can be made to correct, delete or restrict, i.e., stop any active processing of your personal information, or also to obtain the personal information provided by you for a contract or with your consent in a  machine-readable or structured format, or to ask us to share, i.e., port your personal information to another controller.

Additionally, you may also object to the processing of your personal information that is stored by us under certain conditions, particularly in situations where 4ib is not required to process this information to meet a legal, contractual, or other requirements, or in cases where this information is used for direct marketing purposes.

However, such rights may be limited if granting the request leads to the disclosure of another person’s personal information, or if your request involves the deletion of information which we are required to keep by law or have compelling and legitimate interests in keeping, for example, to prevent and protect information from fraud.

To exercise the above-mentioned rights, you may get in touch with the EU or our data protection officer using the contact details mentioned at the end of this policy.

In case you have an unaddressed issue or concern, you have the right to bring this to the attention of an EU or any other data protection authority where you work, live, or in the location that you believe a violation may have taken place.


Withdrawing consent or otherwise objecting to direct marketing

In all contexts where we require your consent to process your personal information, you will always have the option to withdraw your consent, even though we may have other legal grounds to continue the processing of your information, including those mentioned above. In some cases, however, we can send 4ib’s marketing information to you without your consent, and in such cases, we rely on our legitimate interests. You always have the right to choose to unsubscribe from all our direct marketing communications or the surveys/tracking/profiling 4ib performs for marketing purposes by doing any of the following:

  • Clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ button in any of our direct marketing emails
  • Changing your preferences under all the website or app accounts associated with you
  • Changing your preferences under your 4ib account
  • Contacting us on the phone number/ physical or the email address mentioned at the end of this privacy policy.


Updates, corrections, restrictions, and copies

In case you would like to make a request to correct, update, suppress, restrict, review, or delete your personal information that was provided by you earlier, or if you would like to request an electronic copy of your personal information to send it to another company, as far as this right is provided by the applicable law, contact us directly to make this request by sending us an email at We will respond to your request in accordance with the relevant law.
While making your request, ensure that the personal information you would like to have changed is clearly mentioned, in addition to the changes you would like to request, such as suppressing, deleting, rewriting your Personal Information from our databases or any other such limitations. To ensure that personal information is protected, we will only address requests for personal information related to the email address from which the request is sent, and your identity as such may require further verification before carrying out the request. 4ib will comply with your request and respond to you as soon as it is reasonable.


Please note that we may require to keep certain information for record-keeping purposes and/or to finish transactions that were initiated before a request was made. Also, residual non-identifiable information may remain in our databases along with other records that will not be deleted.


Your Rights as a California Consumer

In addition to the rights mentioned above, the California law provides additional rights to

California consumers, as outlined below:


Categories of personal information

Users may request to obtain a list of all the categories of personal information that 4ib collects about them, in addition to other related information (the source of personal information, the categories of personal information that are shared with or sold to third parties, and the reasons for sharing personal information).  


Additional information on exercising your rights

As a user, you have the ability to exercise any of the above rights without penalty or monetary charges, however, the number of requests you can make may be limited by us or we may charge reasonable fees as is legally allowed.

You may also authorize another person or agent to carry out some of your rights. However, to help maintain the security of personal information, this authorized agent I required to abide by the very same authentication procedures that apply to you if you carry out the same requests without such an agent. Also, 4ib will ensure that such requests that are made by authorized agents are verified, thus ensuring the safety of all our user accounts, in compliance with the policies and procedures delineated herein.


Data Retention

4ib will keep our user base’s personal information as long as it is needed to serve the purpose(s) for which it was first collected. The measures that we use to define such retention periods are as follows:

  • the period of 4ib’s relationship with you, which depends on the duration that we have agreed to provide our services to you
  • when we have a legal obligation, or
  • as advised according to our legal position (this may include the applicable statutes of limitations, litigations, or regulatory investigations).


Changes to this policy

We may periodically change the information in this privacy policy in order to use or share personal information differently. Under such circumstances, the fact of the change will be mentioned in the links to the privacy policy on our websites (these are usually found in the footer of our website). In case you are a new user, such changes will come into effect as soon as they’re posted. For existing users and significant changes, they will come into effect 30 days after posting. For this reason, it is advised that you review this page regularly to receive the most up-to-date information about our privacy practices and policy.


If you have a privacy question, concern, or request, please send an email to