Revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape with real-time production solutions

Assembly Line

Revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape with real-time production solutions

At 4ib, we understand the evolving needs of modern ecommerce businesses. That's why we've pioneered a system that bridges the gap between receiving an online order and initiating the manufacturing process, ensuring that your products are crafted with precision and speed.

Key Features of Our On-Demand Manufacturing Management System


Assembly Line App: Centralized Production Oversight

Real-time Production Overview

Instantly view and manage items sold that need immediate manufacturing, ensuring timely production.

Intuitive Workflow

Easily navigate the production process, with clear visuals of pending, in-progress, and completed items.


Streamlined Production Process: Efficiency at Its Best

Automated Task Allocation

Our system intelligently assigns tasks to production line workers, ensuring the right job is matched with the right expertise.

Sequenced Workflows

Benefit from an organized manufacturing sequence, ensuring each step is methodically executed for optimal efficiency.


Comprehensive Tracking: Stay Informed Every Step of the Way

Detailed Production Histories

Every manufactured item has its story. Our system logs each step, from initiation to completion, offering valuable insights.

Progress Notifications

Real-time updates keep the shipping department informed, ensuring seamless transitions from production to dispatch.


Empowered Workers: Clear Instructions, Consistent Results

Task Clarity

Workers on the production line receive clear directives, ensuring tasks are executed with precision and consistency.

Feedback Mechanism

A two-way communication channel allows for instant feedback, ensuring continuous improvement.

The 4ib Promise: Seamless Integration of Ecommerce and Production

In the evolving landscape of ecommerce, staying updated is the key. 4ib's Price Scraping solution is a testament to our commitment to providing tools that keep our partners at the forefront of ecommerce innovation.

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