4ib B2B ecommerce: where business meets excellence


4ib B2B ecommerce: where business meets excellence

Navigating the B2B e-commerce landscape requires a blend of precision, personalization, and performance. Welcome to 4ib, where we redefine business-to-business online interactions.


Streamlined Buying Experience

Buyer Portal

Offer modern, tailored experiences with customization options. Elevate your buyer satisfaction, loyalty, and conversions.

Sales Rep Masquerade

Empower reps to simplify B2B purchases, navigating shopping lists and finalizing orders with ease.

Easy Reordering

Facilitate seamless repeat purchases with tools like Quick Order Pad and the Buy Again feature.


Control & Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Payment Visibility Control

Decide how you want to transact. From purchase orders to credit cards, curate a frictionless purchasing journey.

Restricted Access

Personalize the journey with restricted logins while allowing potential B2C users to explore.


Expand your reach across diverse customer segments, regions, and verticals, ensuring a personalized buying experience.


Enhance Business Efficiency

Invoice Portal

Speed up your invoicing and payment processes. Deliver efficiency and satisfaction in every transaction.

Shared Shopping Lists

Let your buyers manage multiple lists, streamlining product access across projects.

Seller Quoting & Discounting

Empower your business with personalized pricing, enhancing sales and loyalty.


Advanced Features Tailored for B2B

Buyer Roles & Permissions

Customize access and experiences with role-based controls.

Payment Visibility Control

A two-way communication channel allows for instant feedback, ensuring continuous improvement.

Why Choose 4ib for B2B E-commerce?

At 4ib, we've intricately designed our platform with B2B businesses in mind. With our unique features, we don't just offer a platform; we offer solutions. Solutions that cater to the nuanced demands of B2B operations. Solutions that ensure your operations are not just efficient but also impactful.

Join the 4ib revolution!

Experience B2B e-commerce like never before.

Join the 4ib revolution!

Experience B2B e-commerce like never before.

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