Streamlined, customized, and comprehensive: revolutionize wholesale with 4ib


Streamlined, customized, and comprehensive: revolutionize wholesale with 4ib

Dive into the new era of wholesale management with 4ib. Merging power-packed features with intuitive design, our platform is tailor-made for businesses that demand seamless wholesale operations and personalized buying experiences.

Why Choose 4ib's
Wholesalers Solution?

Unified Experience

Integrate retail and wholesale operations effortlessly, ensuring a cohesive experience on both the front and back-end.

Automated Customer Grouping

Streamline client management by assigning them to specific groups, customizing their buying experience with precision.

Robust Price Customization

Leverage built-in price lists to offer unique pricing at SKU levels for individual clients or groups, without any limitations.

Enhanced SEO & User Experience

Optimize your site's performance and cater to all customer segments with our built-in wholesale functionalities.


Features That Set Our Wholesalers Solution Apart

Single Platform Management

Merge your retail and wholesale operations, using landing pages to attract and onboard new wholesale clients.

Dynamic Site Customization

Offer a tailored experience for wholesalers upon login, including product selection, pricing, and re-ordering processes.

Faceted Search

Empower clients with a refined search experience, including support for custom fields.

Wholesale Payment Flexibility

Introduce quote management, bulk pricing down to the SKU level, and specialized payment solutions for each client or group.

Client-Centric Design

Automate approval processes, offer unique product selections, and provide individualized discounts, all designed to prioritize your wholesale clients.

4ib's Commitment to Wholesale Excellence

In the intricate world of wholesale, 4ib emerges as the gold standard. Our solution is a blend of innovation and practicality, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Step into a realm where wholesale management becomes a symphony of efficiency and customization. With 4ib, you're not just selling; you're elevating experiences.

Transform Your Wholesale Operations with 4ib

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