Customizable Piping

Streamline Your Workflow with Customizable Piping on 4iB

*Intelligent Form Routing for Enhanced Operational Efficiency*


*Smart, Adaptive Form Management*

Customizable Piping within the 4iB platform's form builder transforms how forms are handled and routed. This feature enables users to set precise conditions under which forms are directed to specific team members or departments, ensuring that complex forms are managed efficiently and effectively.


*Key Features*

- *Conditional Form Routing*: Set up rules for where forms should be sent based on specific responses or form data.
- *Complex Form Handling*: Ideal for managing intricate forms that require smart routing to relevant users.
- *User-Specific Notifications*: Ensure that the right team members are alerted based on form content.
- *Enhanced Operational Workflow*: Streamline processes by automating form distribution.


*How It Works*

1. *Set Routing Conditions*: Define the criteria that determine how and where each form should be routed.
2. *Form Submission*: Once a form is completed and submitted, the system evaluates it against these conditions.
3. *Intelligent Distribution*: The form is automatically sent to the appropriate user or department.
4. *Efficient Processing*: Relevant team members receive and process the form, improving response times and efficiency.


*Why Choose Customizable Piping?*

- *Tailored Routing Logic*: Create bespoke routing paths for different form scenarios.
- *Increased Efficiency*: Automate form distribution to save time and reduce manual intervention.
- *Improved Responsiveness*: Ensure quicker, more accurate handling of form submissions.
- *Adaptability for Complexity*: Perfect for handling forms with multiple layers and conditions.


*Optimize Your Forms with Smart Routing*

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