Streamline Your Insights with Custom Dashboards 

*A Unified View of Your E-Commerce Metrics at a Glance*


*Your Business, Visualized Clearly*

The Dashboards app within the 4iB e-commerce system revolutionizes how you monitor and understand your business. Designed to provide a quick snapshot of various aspects of your e-commerce operations, it allows you to create multiple dashboards, each tailored to display a specific segment of your business metrics in one easily accessible location.


*Key Features*

- *Customizable Dashboards*: Build dashboards with snippets from different reports for a tailored overview.
- *Versatile Reporting Snippets*: Add segments from sales, management, accounts payable, and more to your dashboard.
- *One-Click Report Access*: Dive deeper into the data with direct access to full reports from each snippet.
- *Big Picture in a Snapshot*: Get a comprehensive overview of critical business aspects in one view.


*How It Works*

1. *Select Your Focus*: Choose the business areas you want to monitor, like sales or account management.
2. *Customize Your Dashboard*: Add snippets from relevant reports to create a dashboard that meets your needs.
3. *Quick Insights*: View key metrics and summaries at a glance, saving time and simplifying analysis.
4. *Explore In-Depth Data*: Click on any snippet to access the full report for detailed information.


*Why Choose 4iB Dashboards?*

- *Efficient Overview*: Quickly grasp the status of different business areas without sifting through multiple reports.
- *Tailored to Your Needs*: Customize dashboards to focus on the metrics that matter most to you.
- *Improved Decision-Making*: Access critical data points swiftly, aiding in timely and informed decisions.
- *Enhanced Productivity*: Reduce the time spent gathering data, allowing more focus on strategic actions.