Smart Quotes (deals/stock)

Elevate Your Quoting Process with Smart Quotes

*Real-Time Insights for Accurate, Competitive Quotations*


*Empowering Sales with Cutting-Edge Quotation Technology*

Smart Quotes, an advanced feature of the 4iB e-commerce quotation system, offers a powerful tool for sales professionals. It seamlessly integrates with warehouse and brand management apps to provide real-time stock information and brand-specific deals. This enables salespeople to create informed, competitive quotes, enhancing their ability to commit to customer needs and offer attractive deals.


*Key Features*

- *Warehouse Integration*: Access real-time data on product availability and stock levels.
- *Brands Management Integration*: Stay updated on current deals and discounts for specific brands.
- *Informed Quoting*: Equip salespeople with up-to-the-minute information for accurate commitments.
- *Enhanced Sales Potential*: Offer deeper discounts and fast shipping options based on real-time insights.
- *Competitive Advantage*: Stay ahead of competitors with immediate access to essential sales data.


*How It Works*

1. *Real-Time Data Sync*: As salespeople create quotes, the system pulls in current stock and brand deal information.
2. *Informed Decisions*: Sales reps see available stock quantities and brand-specific offers while quoting.
3. *Accurate Commitments*: Make reliable promises to customers regarding product availability and delivery times.
4. *Attractive Offers*: Utilize brand deals to provide competitive pricing and discounts.


*Why Smart Quotes?*

- *Streamlined Sales Process*: Enhance efficiency with instant access to crucial sales data.
- *Increased Customer Satisfaction*: Commit to fast and reliable service with accurate stock information.
- *Boosted Sales Conversions*: Leverage real-time deals to offer more attractive quotes.
- *Strategic Edge in Sales*: Outpace competitors with a more agile, informed quoting strategy.


*Transform Your Quoting Strategy with Smart Quotes*

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