AI Security Score System

 Enhance Transaction Security with the 4IB Security Scoring System

*Advanced Fraud Detection to Safeguard Your E-commerce Operations*


*Proactive Protection Against Online Fraud*

The Security Scoring System, a crucial component of the 4IB e-commerce platform, offers a sophisticated solution to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions. By analyzing over 100 different parameters, this system provides a comprehensive fraud risk score for each order, aiding in the swift and accurate detection of potential threats.


*Key Features*

- *Comprehensive Fraud Analysis*: Evaluates each transaction using over 100 parameters for potential fraud.
- *Real-Time Scoring*: Assigns a fraud risk score from 0 (no fraud) to 100 (highly fraudulent) to every order.
- *In-Depth Insights*: Click on the score for detailed information on the factors contributing to the risk assessment.
- *Data Source Integration*: Gathers data from the browser, credit card information, and third-party sources.
- *Streamlined Order Processing*: Reduces the need for manual verification, enhancing efficiency and confidence in transaction legitimacy.


*How It Works*

1. *Transaction Monitoring*: Each order is automatically assessed for fraud risk as it's processed.
2. *Fraud Scoring*: The system assigns a risk score based on comprehensive data analysis.
3. *User Notification*: Sales teams and administrators are immediately alerted to the risk score of each transaction.
4. *Detailed Analysis Access*: Users can explore the reasons behind a score for deeper understanding and informed decision-making.


*Why the Security Scoring System?*

- *Robust Fraud Prevention*: Protect your business and customers from fraudulent activities.
- *Enhanced Decision Making*: Empower your team with detailed insights to make informed decisions on order processing.
- *Operational Efficiency*: Streamline workflows by reducing the reliance on manual order verification.
- *Financial Security*: Prevent significant financial losses due to fraudulent transactions.


*Secure Your Transactions with Confidence*

Trust in the advanced capabilities of our Security Scoring System. [Sign Up] or [Request a Demo] to safeguard your e-commerce operations.