Invoice Automation

Transform Your Accounting with Invoice Automation on 4IB eCommerce

Automate Invoice Matching and Streamline Your Account Payables Process

Efficient Invoice Management for Error-Free Accounting

Invoice Automation, a sophisticated set of functionalities within the 4IB eCommerce platform, revolutionizes the way businesses handle supplier invoices. By automating the matching of incoming invoices to purchase orders, this system significantly reduces human errors, streamlines invoice processing, and ensures that accounting discrepancies are promptly addressed.

Key Features

  • Automated Invoice Matching: Seamlessly match supplier invoices to corresponding purchase orders.
  • Discrepancy Resolution: Automatically generate tickets for mismatches to involve accounting personnel.
  • Multi-Channel Ingestion: Accept invoices through EDI, API calls, or FTP for versatility and convenience.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Access detailed accounts payable reports with current, due, and past due invoices.
  • Integration with Accounting Systems: Seamlessly connect with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, Peachtree, and Sage.
  • Graphical Interface: Navigate through a user-friendly dashboard for clear financial insights.

How It Works

  1. Invoice Receipt: Suppliers send invoices electronically via preferred channels.
  2. Automatic Matching: The system matches each invoice with its corresponding purchase order.
  3. Discrepancy Handling: Mismatches trigger ticket creation for accounting intervention.
  4. Comprehensive Reporting: View real-time accounts payable reports in a graphical interface.
  5. Accounting Integration: Sync with your existing accounting software for cohesive financial management.

Why Invoice Automation?

  • Increased Accuracy: Minimize errors in invoice processing for reliable account payables management.
  • Time and Resource Savings: Reduce manual intervention and streamline invoice handling.
  • Prompt Discrepancy Resolution: Quickly address mismatches to maintain accounting integrity.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Gain clear insights into your financial obligations with detailed reporting.
  • Seamless Integration: Work within your existing accounting ecosystem for a unified approach.

Elevate Your Financial Operations with 4IB

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