4iB Inventory Management System: Streamlining E-Commerce Operations

Inventory Management Tools

Optimized for E-Commerce: Tailored specifically for e-commerce customers, the 4iB Inventory Management System offers an integrated solution to manage and streamline your online inventory efficiently.


Product Management

This module empowers you to meticulously control every aspect of your product listings. From pricing and vendor management to custom configurations, this feature ensures that each product showcases its unique attributes and options. Additionally, it supports the management of multimedia content like images and videos, related products, and accessories, enhancing the richness of your product presentation.


Catalog Management

Our system simplifies the creation of a well-structured product taxonomy. The intuitive catalog management functionality enables you to organize products into a clear and navigable hierarchy, making it easier for customers to find exactly what they need.


Product Type Management

This aspect allows for the detailed definition of product types, including specific options and attributes for each type. These product types can then be seamlessly assigned to individual products, ensuring the system accurately recognizes and processes them.


Advanced Inventory Control

The system boasts robust inventory control capabilities, perfectly balancing between virtual and physical product management. It accurately tracks stock levels, providing real-time updates on inventory status and alerts for reorder needs, thereby optimizing stock management and reducing the risk of over or understocking.


Customizable and User-Friendly

Designed with flexibility in mind, our inventory management system is highly customizable to fit various product types and e-commerce needs. Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of use, making inventory management a seamless part of your business operations.