4iB Shopping Cart: Sales, Tax, and Accounting Simplified

Sales Tax & Accounting Tools

Streamlined Tax Compliance: The 4iB Shopping Cart introduces a comprehensive suite of sales, tax, and accounting tools designed to simplify the complexities of tax compliance for e-commerce businesses.


Seamless Integration with Tax Agencies

Our system integrates effortlessly with renowned tax agencies like Avalara, ensuring that your business stays up-to-date with the latest tax regulations and compliance requirements.


Real-Time Tax Calculations

Set up product tax classes and collect the appropriate taxes in real-time during checkout. Our system dynamically calculates taxes based on your tax nexus across different states, ensuring accuracy in every transaction.


Automated Tax Collection and Payment

When a customer checks out, the system precisely calculates and collects the necessary taxes. These collected taxes are then automatically remitted to the respective state tax agencies, streamlining your financial workflows.


Customer Tax Exemption Management

Manage customer tax exemptions effectively, keeping your business in full compliance with varying tax laws. Our system allows for nuanced control over tax-exempt transactions.


Zip Code-Based Sales Tax Calculation

At checkout, the system utilizes the customer’s zip code to automatically calculate sales taxes, ensuring that your customers remain compliant with sales tax regulations in every transaction.

Enhanced Financial Accuracy: Our tools not only ease the tax collection and remittance process but also ensure that your financial records are accurate and compliant. This robust system minimizes manual intervention and reduces the risk of errors, providing peace of mind for both business owners and customers.