Master Your Customer Interactions with 4IB's Communication Audit Feature

Communication Audit

Elevate Your CRM Capabilities with 4IB’s Advanced Communication Audit
A powerful, optional feature designed for mid-sized businesses seeking comprehensive oversight of all customer interactions. Our Communication Audit component seamlessly integrates with Google Cloud, Mitel, RingCentral, and Twilio to capture every email, call, and text message exchanged between your staff and customers.


Complete Communication Tracking

Seamless Integrations
Effectively record and monitor communications through integrations with Google Cloud for emails, and Mitel, RingCentral, and Twilio for calls and text messages.

Detailed Interaction Logs
Every interaction with customers is tracked and logged, providing a complete history of communications.


Enhanced Compliance and Reporting

Compliance Assurance
The Communication Audit feature helps in adhering to regulatory standards by maintaining detailed records of all customer communications.

Powerful Reporting Tools
Generate insightful reports based on communication data, aiding in compliance reporting and internal audits.


Performance Tracking and Insights

Evaluate Staff Performance
Monitor how your sales and support teams interact with customers, identifying areas for improvement and training opportunities.

Customer Relationship Insights
Gain a deeper understanding of customer interactions, helping to refine your customer engagement strategies.


Optimized for Mid-Sized Businesses

Tailored to Your Needs
Particularly beneficial for mid-sized companies utilizing popular communication and cloud services for their operations.

Advanced Yet User-Friendly
An advanced feature that is easy to implement and use, making it a popular choice among our clientele.

Experience the Clarity of 4IB’s Communication Audit

Join the 4iB CRM Platform: Implement our Communication Audit feature to gain unparalleled visibility into your customer communications, enhancing compliance, reporting, and performance management.