Store Credit


Seamless Store Credit Management

Easy Credit Access
Customers can view their available Store Credit directly in their profiles, offering transparency and convenience.

Admin Insights
CRM admins can view each customer's Store Credit, providing a comprehensive overview of credit utilization.


Boost Sales and Engagement

Proactive Sales Opportunities
Equip your sales team with information on customers' available credits to encourage repeat purchases.

Automated Reminders
Send timely reminders to customers about their unused credits, enhancing engagement and driving sales.


Flexible Refund Alternatives

Versatile Refund Options
Offer Store Credit as an alternative to refunds, adaptable to various return conditions and purchase dates.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Provide customers with flexible options, improving their shopping experience.


Transparent and User-Friendly

Clarity on Credit
Maintain clear records of Store Credit transactions, ensuring both customers and admins are always informed.

Effortless Redemption
Customers can use Store Credit like real money during checkout, simplifying the purchasing process.


Strategic Tool for Business Growth

Customer Retention
Encourage customers to return and shop again, using their Store Credit.

Insightful Reporting
Track how Store Credit influences customer behavior and sales trends.