Streamline B2B Transactions with 4IB CRM's Resell Certificate Management

Resell Certificates Management

Efficient Tax Management for Seamless Business Operations


Effortless Resell Certificate Handling

Simplify Tax Exemption
Empower your B2B customers to manage their own tax exemptions by uploading Resell Certificates directly to their accounts.

Real-Time Certificate Integration
Certificates are seamlessly integrated with customer accounts, ensuring tax-exempt status is updated promptly.


Streamlined Approval Process

Admin and Accounting Alerts
Immediate notifications for newly uploaded certificates allow for quick review and approval processes.

Quick Approval or Denial
Admins can efficiently approve or deny certificates, streamlining the tax exemption process for each customer.


Automated Expiration Management

Stay Ahead of Expiry Dates
The system automatically tracks the expiration of Resell Certificates.

Prompt Updates for Continuous Compliance
Customers receive reminders to re-upload new certificates, ensuring uninterrupted tax-exempt purchasing.


Enhanced B2B Customer Experience

Hassle-Free Reordering
Once approved, customers can place orders without being charged sales tax, simplifying repeat purchases.

Build Stronger Business Relationships
This tool significantly enhances the B2B customer experience by removing tax-related complexities.


Essential Tool for Tax Compliance

User-Friendly Interface
Enjoy an intuitive platform designed for ease of use by both customers and admins.

Vital for B2B E-commerce
A crucial tool for managing B2B relationships and ensuring tax compliance.