Effortlessly Manage Your E-commerce Documents in One Secure Place

Document Repository

Streamline Your Business with Unparalleled Efficiency


Centralized Document Management

Simplify Your Workflow
Say goodbye to scattered documents. Our system centralizes all your e-commerce documents, from purchase orders to resale certificates, in one secure online location.

Access Anytime, Anywhere
With cloud-based storage, access your documents 24/7, from any device.


Customizable Access and Sharing

Controlled Visibility
Share documents across departments while maintaining strict control over who sees what.

Collaborate with Confidence
Securely collaborate with team members, ensuring sensitive information stays protected.


Advanced Document Structuring

Organize with Ease
Create a customized structure for your document repository. Upload and categorize various document types effortlessly.

Assign and Manage Security
Set specific access permissions for each document, tailoring visibility to suit your company’s needs.


Comprehensive Version and Access Tracking

Track Changes with Precision
Keep a tab on every version of your documents.

Audit-Ready Access Logs
Monitor who accessed which document and when, ensuring complete transparency and compliance.


E-commerce Focused Solution

All-in-One Platform
Designed specifically for e-commerce businesses, integrate seamlessly with your existing 4IB tools.

Reduce Dependency on External Tools
Keep all your important documents within the 4IB ecosystem, enhancing security and efficiency.