Turn Insights into Actions and Boost Your Conversion Rates

Shopping Carts


Real-Time and Historical Cart Data

In-Depth Cart Tracking
Monitor both current and past shopping cart activities of each customer.

Abandonment Insights
See at a glance how many carts have been abandoned and understand the reasons behind these actions.


Enhanced Customer Behavior Understanding

Analyze Shopping Habits
Gain valuable insights into each customer's shopping patterns.

Identify Abandonment Points
Discover at what stages customers are leaving their carts and strategize to address these issues.


Powerful Sales and Marketing Tool

Recover Lost Sales
Equip your sales team with the data needed to reach out to customers with open carts and encourage them to complete their purchases.

Targeted Marketing Strategies
Use cart data to create personalized marketing campaigns that speak directly to customer preferences.


Actionable Insights for Store Managers

Optimize Your Store's Performance
Leverage this data to fine-tune your e-commerce strategy and improve the overall shopping experience.

Drive Higher Conversion Rates
Understand and mitigate factors leading to cart abandonment, thereby increasing successful transactions.


User-Friendly Interface

Easy to Navigate
The app offers a straightforward, intuitive experience for both store managers and the sales team.

Customizable Reports
Generate tailored reports to focus on specific aspects of shopping cart data that matter most to your business.

Transform Shopping Cart Data into Successful Sales with Our CRM App