Drive Repeat Business and Enhance Customer Retention

Reward Points


Flexible Reward Configuration

Customizable Point Allocation
Tailor the reward points system to your business needs – choose to offer one point or ten points per dollar spent.

Versatile for Any Business Model
Adapt the system to fit your unique e-commerce strategy.


Seamless Integration with Customer Accounts

Transparent Point Tracking
Customers can view their accumulated points for each product and order directly within their accounts.

Easy Redemption at Checkout
Customers can effortlessly apply their points towards future purchases, enhancing the shopping experience.


Enhanced Business Intelligence

Track Customer Engagement
Monitor the effectiveness of the reward system in driving repeat business.

Insightful Reporting
Gain a clear understanding of customer loyalty and reward point usage.


Effective Customer Retention Tools

Expiration and Reminder Features
Set expiration dates for points and send reminder emails, encouraging customers to revisit and shop.

Boost Conversion Rates
Regular reminders about reward points can significantly increase customer retention and conversion ratios.


Transparent and Accountable

Clear Transaction Records
Maintain a transparent log of all reward point transactions.

Trustworthy System for Customers and Managers
Both customers and managers can trust the system for its accuracy and fairness.