Advanced Filtering & Search

Refine Your Order Handling with Advanced Filtering & Search in 4iB's Order Management System

Tailored, Efficient, Intuitive

4iB's Order Management System elevates the standard of e-commerce operations with its Advanced Filtering and Search capabilities. Designed to streamline your order management process, these features enable you to access and organize information with unprecedented ease and precision.

Key Aspects of Advanced Filtering and Search:


Powerful Segmentation Tools

Utilize pre-built segments or create custom ones to focus on specific order types, statuses, or parameters. This segmentation empowers users to view exactly what they need, be it leads, quotes, or specific orders.


Customizable Views and Filters

Tailor your screen to display only the fields you need. Set multiple or singular filters for each field, enabling you to swiftly zero in on the data that matters most to you.


Flexible Sorting Options

Organize your order view exactly how you prefer. Sort by any field or parameter to align with your operational workflow, making order management more efficient and user-friendly.


Smart Search Functionality

The built-in search feature intelligently understands your query context. Whether you're looking for a specific customer, order number, or other criteria, the system quickly presents the relevant information.

Experience Enhanced Order Management:

- Streamlined Order Access: Navigate through your orders with ease, using advanced tools to filter, sort, and search, saving time and improving productivity.

- Customizable Interface: Adapt the system to your preferences, ensuring a seamless and efficient order management experience.

- Efficient Information Retrieval: Quickly find exactly what you're looking for, whether it's a detailed order history, customer information, or order status.

Elevate Your E-Commerce Operations Today!

Step into a world where order management is not just a necessity but a strategic advantage. With 4iB's advanced filtering and search functionalities, master the art of order handling and take your e-commerce operations to new heights.