NET Payments (reminders, tracking, insurance)

Simplify B2B Transactions with 4IB eCommerce's Net Payment Options

Introducing Net Payments on 4IB eCommerce Platform – Tailor your business transactions with flexible, secured payment terms. Our platform now natively supports a range of net payment options, designed to streamline your checkout process and enhance your B2B dealings.

Flexible Payment Terms, Configured by You

Customizable Options: Choose from various net payment terms including net 15, net 30, net 45, and net 90. Easily configure these settings in the admin panel to suit your business needs.

Simplified Checkout: During checkout, customers can select their preferred net payment term. The system then gathers necessary additional information to proceed.

Secured Transactions with Integrated Insurance

Automatic Insurance Coverage: Each net payment is automatically insured through our integration with leading insurance companies.

Assured Approval: Upon receiving the policy ID from the insurance company, the order placed with a net payment is instantly approved, ensuring security for both parties.

Efficient Internal Tracking and Notification System

Agent Tracking System: Our platform includes an internal tracking system for agents to monitor net payments effectively.

Proactive Reminders and Instructions: Stay ahead with automated reminders and instructions for customers about payment dues and schedules.

Seamless Insurance Integration for Receivable Management

Insurance Integration: The core of our net payment system is its integration with insurance companies, securing receivables and aiding in the collection process.

Risk-Free Transactions: This integration ensures a risk-free transaction environment for your business, providing peace of mind and financial security.

Experience the Next Level of B2B E-commerce

Join Us: Embrace the advanced net payment options on 4IB eCommerce and transform your business transactions. Our platform is designed to support your growth and ensure the security of your deals.

Why 4IB for Net Payments?

Highlight the unique advantages of using 4IB’s net payment options, focusing on flexibility, security, and ease of use.