Work Log

Discover Efficient Order Processing with the WorkLog App in 4AB eCommerce System – A tool designed for precision in resource management and internal tracking. Embedded within each order, the WorkLog app enables your team to effectively monitor and manage the time spent on individual orders, providing invaluable insights into the cost and efficiency of your order processing.

Effortless Time Tracking on Orders

Simple Clock-In/Clock-Out System: Team members can easily log the time they start and finish working on an order, ensuring accurate tracking of man-hours.

User Activity Recording: WorkLog records the name of the user and the specific times they worked on an order, offering detailed insights into workforce allocation.

Comprehensive Resource Management

Detailed Time Summaries: View the total time spent on processing various orders, giving you a clear picture of operational efficiency.

Cost Insight: Gain a better understanding of the cost involved in order processing, enabling more informed decision-making for resource allocation.

Optimized Operational Efficiency

Internal Tracking: Monitor how resources are being utilized across different orders and identify areas for efficiency improvement.

Improved Resource Allocation: Use the insights from WorkLog to optimize staffing and resource allocation, enhancing productivity.

Administrative Oversight

Valuable Admin Insights: Administrators can access comprehensive data on order processing times, aiding in strategic planning and operational adjustments.

Experience Enhanced Order Management

Join the 4AB Platform: Implement the WorkLog app to gain a deeper understanding of your order processing dynamics and drive efficiency in your operations.