Audit / Timeline

Master Transparency with 4iB's Order Management System Audit Component

Track, Analyze, and Understand Every Order Change

In the intricate world of e-commerce, tracking every modification to an order is essential for maintaining accuracy and accountability. 4iB's Order Management System comes equipped with a sophisticated audit component, meticulously recording every change to provide a clear and comprehensive view of your order history.

In-depth Features of the Audit Component:


Continuous Monitoring and Recording

The system vigilantly tracks all changes made to orders, whether by a user or automatically by the system. Every modification is logged with a timestamp, creating a detailed timeline of order adjustments.


User and System Actions Delineation

Understand who made each change - whether it was executed by a staff member or automatically by the system. This distinction ensures clarity in order management and accountability.


Comprehensive Timeline View

Easily navigate through an order's history with a user-friendly timeline. See every action taken, from payment updates to shipping and billing address changes.


Advanced Filtering Options

Filter the audit trail based on specific criteria. Choose to view changes made by a particular user, or focus on specific types of modifications, such as product updates within an order.


Ensuring No Change Goes Unnoticed

With this robust audit functionality, no alteration escapes notice. This comprehensive oversight ensures that you can pinpoint exactly what occurred at each stage of an order's lifecycle.

Elevate Your Operational Integrity:

Enhanced Order Transparency: Gain a complete understanding of each order's progression, enhancing transparency and trust within your team.

Detailed Change Analysis: Analyze changes to orders with precision, enabling accurate and informed decision-making.

Accountability at Every Step: Maintain a high level of accountability, ensuring that every action taken on an order is recorded and easily traceable.

Transform Your E-Commerce Order Management Today!

Experience unparalleled clarity and control in your order management with 4iB's advanced audit component. Track every change, understand every decision, and maintain impeccable records, driving your e-commerce success.