Conversion Tracking

Elevate Your Marketing Insights

Harness the Power of Data-Driven E-commerce Decisions

Unveiling Customer Journeys

Understand exactly how customers find your site. Our Conversion Tracking system offers three distinct levels of insight, ensuring you capture every aspect of the customer journey.


User-Input Tracking

Direct from the Source: Gather first-hand information at checkout. Customers can tell you how they found your site, from search engines to social media platforms.*Customer Insights:* Use valuable customer feedback to understand the effectiveness of various marketing channels.


URL Parameter Tracking

Automated Precision: Our system reads URL parameters to trace customer origins, identifying the specific ads or searches that led them to you.*Adapt to Modern Challenges:* We tackle modern browser privacy settings, striving to capture as much data as possible.


Server-Side Tracking

The Gold Standard: Employ the most precise tracking method. API calls to platforms like Facebook or Google provide a detailed picture of customer interactions and conversions.*In-Depth Analysis:* Gain an unparalleled understanding of customer behavior and campaign success.

Why Choose 4iB's Conversion Tracking?

Comprehensive Understanding: From simple user input to complex server-side analytics, get a full picture of your marketing efficacy.

Data-Driven Decisions: 
Make informed choices on where to invest your marketing efforts based on clear, actionable data.

Adaptive Technology:
Our system evolves with changing technology and privacy norms, ensuring consistent and reliable tracking.

Empower Your Marketing Strategy

User-Friendly Interface: Easy for all skill levels.

Customizable Reports:
Tailor your data view to meet your needs.

Expert Support:
Our dedicated team is always ready to assist.

With 4iB's Conversion Tracking, transform your e-commerce marketing strategy into a data-driven powerhouse.

Get started today and unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns!