Security & Fraud Detection

Enhance Security and Fraud Detection with 4IB CRM

At 4IB, we prioritize the safety and security of your business. That's why we've integrated MaxMind minFraud into our system, providing you with a powerful tool to assess the risk associated with each order and take appropriate actions based on the evaluation.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Our system conducts a comprehensive risk assessment by analyzing various data points related to the order and the customer, including:

  • IP Address: The location from which the order was placed.
  • Shipment & Billing Addresses: The addresses provided by the customer.
  • Payment Method & Details: Information about the payment method and its associated details.
  • Order Composition: The contents of the order and more.

Customizable Fraud Rules

In addition to risk assessment, our system allows you to define a set of customizable rules for automated order approval or cancellation. These rules are based on various parameters, such as:

  • Risk Score: The risk level associated with the order.
  • Customer Order History: The customer's past order history.
  • Customer Account Age: How long the customer's account has been active.
  • Order Amount: The total amount of the order.

Examples of Fraud Rules:

  1. Automatic Approval: Approve orders with a total amount of up to $5,000 if the risk level is below 3%, and the customer has at least one previously paid order.

  2. Automatic Cancellation: Cancel orders with a risk level exceeding 40%.

Protect Your Business

With 4IB CRM's Security and Fraud Detection capabilities, you can safeguard your business from potential threats and make informed decisions about order processing. Our integrated MaxMind minFraud system empowers you to mitigate risks and ensure the integrity of your operations.

Take advantage of our comprehensive security features and enhance the safety of your business with 4IB CRM. Strengthen your defense against fraud and keep your business secure. Get started today!