Invoice Management

Efficient Invoice Management with 4iB

Master Your E-Commerce Financials with Advanced Invoice Tracking

## Streamlined Invoice Handling

*Dual Invoice System*
- *Customer Invoices:* Easily manage invoices sent to customers for purchases made on your e-commerce site.
- *Vendor Invoices:* Keep track of invoices received from vendors in response to your purchase orders.

*Automated Invoice Processing*
- *Seamless Integration:* Ingest vendor invoices automatically through EDI, JSON, or XML.
- *Accurate Matching:* Automatically match vendor invoices to corresponding purchase orders, ensuring accuracy in your financial records.

## Keep Your Financials in Check

*Discrepancy Management*
- *Automated Flagging:* The system flags discrepancies between purchase orders and invoices, alerting the accounting team.
- *Timely Resolutions:* Facilitate swift actions on discrepancies to maintain accurate accounts payable and receivable.

*Comprehensive Invoice Tracking*
- *Real-Time Overview:* At any given time, know exactly how many open invoices you have from customers and the status of invoices from your vendors.

## Why Choose 4iB's Invoice Management?

- *Enhanced Accuracy:* Reduce manual errors with automated invoice processing and matching.
- *Financial Clarity:* Gain a clear understanding of your financial obligations and receivables.
- *Time Efficiency:* Save valuable time with automated systems, allowing your team to focus on core business activities.
- *Adaptable System:* Customize the invoice management to fit your unique business needs.

## Transform Your E-Commerce Financials

- *User-Friendly Interface:* Navigate the system with ease, regardless of your accounting expertise.
- *Flexible Integration:* Compatible with various data formats for seamless invoice ingestion.
- *Expert Support:* Our team is always available to assist you in optimizing your invoice management.

With 4iB's Invoice Management System, take control of your e-commerce financials. Experience streamlined invoice processing, accurate tracking, and efficient discrepancy management. Start now and revolutionize your approach to e-commerce accounting!