Automation & Customization

4ib Order Management System - Automation and Customization Functionality

Welcome to the 4ib Order Management System, where automation and customization meet to streamline your order processing like never before. Our platform empowers you to create customized pipelines that expedite order processing with precision and efficiency.

Customizable Pipelines for Swift Order Processing

Our system features a versatile pipeline configuration that represents the various stages of order processing. Each step within the pipeline can be tailored to meet your specific needs:


Dependent Steps

Ensure seamless order flow by setting up dependencies between steps. For instance, the "Payment" step can be made dependent on the successful completion of the "Fraud Verification" step.



Harness the power of automation to simplify step processing. With features like "Fraud Verification Automation," you can automatically mark a step as successful when certain criteria are met, eliminating manual intervention.



Define a series of actions to be triggered when a step is marked as "successful" or "unsuccessful." Whether it's setting order statuses, assigning them to specific queues, managing fulfillment, sending emails, creating tickets, or more, our system offers a wide array of automated actions.


Step Marking

Steps can be marked as "successful" or "unsuccessful" either through automation or manual input, giving you full control over the process.

Effortless Salesperson Assignment

Our Order Management System also simplifies the assignment of salespersons to orders, ensuring that each order is handled efficiently:


Customer Choice

Customers have the option to select their preferred salesperson during the checkout process, providing a personalized experience.


Previous Salesperson Memory

The system remembers the salesperson who processed a customer's last order, allowing for automatic assignment to new orders from the same customer.


Random Assignment

Salespersons can be randomly assigned from a designated group, ensuring fair distribution of orders.


Round-Robin Assignment

Utilize a round-robin method to evenly distribute orders among salespersons within a group, promoting equitable workload distribution.

Tailored User Permissions

Our system offers customizable user permissions, allowing you to control who can assign or modify salespersons based on their roles within your organization.

Experience the future of order management with 4ib, where automation, customization, and efficiency converge to enhance your business operations. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and hello to a streamlined order processing experience.

Unlock the potential of your order management with 4ib today!