Unlock a new level of product oversight with 4IB's Product Change History

Change History

Product Change History is a crucial component of our inventory system designed for meticulous product management. This feature empowers your team to maintain impeccable records and gain insights into every modification made to your products.


Comprehensive Change Tracking

Our Product Change History feature is straightforward yet immensely powerful. It allows your product management team or administrators to track every single change made to any product in the inventory. Whether it’s a modification in the product name, stock quantity, or pricing, every detail is recorded.


Intuitive Historical Insights

Navigating through your product's history is a breeze. With this functionality, you can effortlessly travel back in time to view who altered which field. It presents not just the modification but also the old and new values of the specific field, all arranged in a chronological order for easy understanding.


Detailed Change Analysis

This feature isn’t just about tracking changes; it’s about providing a comprehensive analysis. Want to review the pricing history of a product? Just a few clicks and you have a complete history of its price changes. The same level of detail applies to every attribute that describes your product.


User Accountability and Timestamps

Transparency is key in product management. With our Product Change History, you can see exactly which user made a change, what the previous value was, what the new value is, and the precise timestamp of each change. This level of detail fosters accountability and provides valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

Experience the future of detailed product management with the Product Change History feature in the 4IB Inventory System – where every change tells a story.