Elevate Your Product Display with 4IB's Collections Feature


Introducing the Collections functionality in 4IB's Inventory Management System, a transformative tool designed to streamline product grouping and enhance customer engagement. This feature is an invaluable asset for product managers and administrators, simplifying the way products are organized and presented based on their collections.


Seamless Product Grouping

The Collections feature empowers you to group products by their specific collection. For instance, a collection of tiles with the same style and name can be easily grouped together, offering a unified presentation of related products.


Dedicated Collection Landing Pages

Each collection is given its spotlight with a dedicated landing page. This page showcases a main image representing the collection, followed by a display of all products within it. The landing page isn't just a display; it's an interactive experience with navigation tools and faceted search capabilities.


Intuitive Product Filtering

Finding the right product within a collection is a breeze. Our system allows for easy filtering through product variations, including size and color. Customers can specify their preferences, like a particular color and size, and the system will instantly display the matching products within the collection.


Enhanced User Experience

This feature greatly benefits both users and product management teams. Users enjoy a more navigable and satisfying shopping experience, effortlessly finding products that fit their needs. Meanwhile, product managers find it easier to manage and showcase product collections effectively.