Versatile Multi-Level Pricing for Every Business Dynamic

Multi Level Pricing

In the dynamic world of commerce, 4IB Inventory System emerges as a beacon of flexibility and precision in pricing strategies. Our system is not just about numbers; it's about smart, adaptive, and personalized pricing solutions.


Standard and Sale Prices

Begin with our foundational net and sale prices, perfect for everyday offers


List and Wholesale Prices

Cater to diverse market segments with distinct list and wholesale pricing options.


Tiered Pricing

Incentivizing Bulk Purchases: Motivate larger purchases with tiered pricing. More buying equals more savings, a win-win for you and your customers.


Dynamic Pricing

Agile Market Response: Link your prices to real-time market trends. Our dynamic pricing adapts instantly to external factors like commodity prices, keeping you competitive and relevant.


Custom Pricing

Exclusivity for Your Customers: Elevate your pricing strategy with our custom pricing feature. Group your customers in the CRM and assign unique prices based on their buying power, loyalty, or performance. This tailored approach allows you to nurture relationships and maximize profits by offering personalized deals.

Streamlined Management, Enhanced Profitability

4IB's user-friendly interface makes setting and managing these pricing levels straightforward. No matter the size of your business, our system is designed to align with your specific pricing needs, ensuring you're always optimally positioned in the market.

Transform Your Pricing Strategy Today

Join the 4IB revolution. Discover how our multi-level and custom pricing can redefine your sales and build stronger customer connections. Experience the power of smart pricing with 4IB Inventory System.