Dynamic Daily Deals: Elevate Your Sales Strategy with 4iB

Daily Deals

Welcome to the exciting world of Daily Deals in the 4iB Inventory System – a feature engineered to revolutionize how product management and marketing teams create and manage sales promotions.


Effortless Deal Creation

Our Daily Deals feature is all about simplicity and effectiveness. Select a product, determine the deal's duration, and set the discount. With these straightforward steps, your product is primed for an enticing promotion.


Automated Sales Cycles

Say goodbye to manual oversight. Multiple deals can be scheduled for the same product, ensuring a seamless transition from one sale to the next. Once set up, these deals go live on your website automatically as scheduled, requiring no further intervention.


Timed Promotions for Maximized Impact

Each deal is meticulously timed. As soon as the deal is due, it goes live on your website, attracting customers with enticing offers. Once the deal reaches its expiration, it’s automatically removed, keeping your promotions timely and relevant.


Streamlined Upselling and Marketing

This automation is not just about ease of use; it's a powerful tool for upselling and marketing. By ensuring that deals are presented and withdrawn precisely as planned, it enhances the shopping experience, encouraging customers to act swiftly and decisively.


Transform Your Sales Approach

Daily Deals in the 4iB Inventory System are more than just discounts; they are a strategic approach to sales. They offer an unparalleled opportunity to attract customers, boost sales, and keep your inventory dynamic and exciting.

Experience the power of automated promotions with 4iB’s Daily Deals – where every deal is an opportunity to captivate and convert.