Simplify and Standardize Your Inventory with 4iB's Product Types

Custom Product Types

Introducing the Product Types feature in the 4iB Inventory System, a dynamic tool designed to revolutionize the way you manage and categorize your products. This feature is a cornerstone of our system, offering a structured and efficient approach to product management.


Efficient Product Categorization

Product Types in 4iB are at the forefront of our inventory management system. They serve as templates, each representing a distinct category of products. By defining Product Types, you create a standardized framework that ensures consistency across your product range.


Streamlined Management Process

The real power of Product Types lies in their ability to simplify the management process. Assigning a product to a Product Type automatically incorporates a predefined set of characteristics relevant to that category. This not only saves time but also reduces the potential for errors and inconsistencies in product listings.


Unlimited Customization

Embrace the flexibility to create as many Product Types as your business requires. Whether you deal with a diverse range of products or specialize in a specific niche, our system accommodates an unlimited number of Product Types, tailored to suit your unique inventory needs.


Enhanced User Experience

For your customers, Product Types translate to a more organized and navigable shopping experience. This clear categorization helps customers quickly identify and locate the products they are interested in, improving their overall experience and satisfaction with your site.


Consistency Across Your Inventory

Product Types ensure that similar products are grouped and presented uniformly. This consistency is key to maintaining a professional and user-friendly online presence, making it easier for customers to compare and select products.

Discover the elegance of simplified product management with 4iB's Product Types – where every category is an opportunity for efficiency and excellence.