The Ultimate Product Bundling App for 4iB's Inventory System

Product Bundles

Discover the Power of Smart Bundling

At 4iB, we understand the importance of efficient product management and the allure of attractive deals. That's why we've created Bundle, an innovative app designed to enhance your inventory system and boost your sales through smart product bundling.

Key Features of Bundle:


Seamless Integration

Bundle app flawlessly integrates with your e-commerce product pages, offering a native and intuitive experience for your customers. They can effortlessly view the main product alongside enticing bundled offers, complete with striking custom images and clear discount information.


Flexible Bundle Creation

Our app empowers you to create versatile bundles for each product. Whether it's multiple bundles for a single product or unique combinations, Bundle handles it all. Each bundle can have its unique SKU, stock availability, and image, tailored to your inventory needs.


Unlimited Product Inclusion

With Bundle, there are no limits. Include an unlimited number of products in each bundle, ensuring a wide variety of choices for your customers.


Attractive Discounts

The core of Bundle's appeal lies in its discounting capability. Offer compelling discounts on bundled products, like 50% off on Product B when purchased with Product A, enticing customers to buy more while saving more.


Real-Time Publishing

As soon as you create and finalize a bundle in the inventory system, it's ready to go live. With just a few clicks, your bundles are published directly to your e-commerce site, making them immediately available to your customers.


Enhanced Shopping Experience

Bundle isn't just about efficiency and flexibility; it's about creating a delightful shopping experience. Customers enjoy the simplicity of finding great deals and the excitement of discovering new product combinations.

Why Choose Bundle?

Boost Sales: By offering bundled products at attractive prices, you're not just providing value to your customers; you're also increasing your average order value.

Save Time: The intuitive design of Bundle makes it quick and easy to create and manage product bundles, saving you time and effort.

Improve Customer Satisfaction: Customers love getting more for less. Bundles offer them an opportunity to purchase complementary products together at a discounted price, enhancing their shopping experience.

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Transform the way you manage products and delight your customers with Bundle. Streamline your product bundling, offer enticing deals, and watch your sales soar!