Unleash the Power of Detailed Product Descriptions with 4iB's Customizable Attributes

Custom Attributes/Options

Welcome to a new era of product detailing in the 4iB Inventory System, where every product can be uniquely defined and distinguished. Our system offers unparalleled flexibility and precision in describing product features, ensuring that your products are showcased with the clarity and detail they deserve.


Tailor-Made Product Attributes

At the heart of our system are customizable attributes. Each product in your inventory can be enriched with a unique set of attributes, defining properties such as color, size, weight, and much more. These attributes are not just descriptors; they are the essence of what makes each product unique.


Limitless Flexibility for Product Managers

Empower your product managers with the freedom to define products as they see fit. Whether it’s numeric values, textual descriptions, various lookups, or options, our system supports an unlimited number of attributes for each product. This flexibility allows for a comprehensive and nuanced product presentation.


Enhanced Product Discovery

Each attribute, once assigned to a product, comes to life on the product page of your website. They also play a pivotal role in the faceted search menu, guiding customers smoothly to their desired product. This feature not only enriches the customer experience but also streamlines the search process, leading to higher satisfaction and conversion rates.


Streamlined Product Type Management

To further enhance efficiency, 4iB introduces the concept of 'Product Types'. Instead of assigning attributes to each product individually, product managers can create Product Types with a predefined set of attributes. Assigning a product to a Product Type automatically imbues it with these attributes, standardizing the process and simplifying product management.


Unlimited Potential with Multiple Product Types

Your website can host an unlimited number of Product Types, each tailored to different product categories. This feature allows for the seamless management of diverse product ranges, ensuring consistency and ease of management across your entire inventory.

Discover the difference with 4iB's Product Attributes – where every detail counts in crafting the perfect product presentation.