Maximize Your Earnings with 4iB's Advanced Rebates System


Elevate Your Retail Performance, Reap Rewarding Rebates

In the competitive world of retail, every sale counts, and every incentive matters. 4iB's Rebates System is crafted to empower retailers and e-commerce platforms with a robust tool for tracking and maximizing rebates from vendors and brands.

Key Features of Our Rebates System:


Performance-Based Rebate Tracking

Dive into a system that meticulously tracks your sales performance, aligning your rebate earnings directly with your sales volumes. The more you sell, the more you earn - it's that simple and transparent.


Tiered Rebate Structure

Our system intricately understands and applies the tiered structure of rebates. Achieve specific sales targets and unlock higher rebate tiers, offering a clear pathway to increasing your earnings.


Accurate, Real-Time Reporting

Stay informed with detailed, real-time reports. Know exactly what you're earning in rebates for each brand, eliminating guesswork and fostering informed business decisions.


Quarterly and Annual Summaries

With comprehensive quarterly and annual summaries, the system ensures you have a clear overview of your rebate earnings over time, aiding in strategic planning and performance evaluation.


Streamlined Vendor Management

Manage multiple vendor relationships with ease. Our system keeps track of all your rebate-related transactions, simplifying your financial oversight.


Strategic Business Advantage

Leverage the Rebates System to not just track earnings but to also strategically boost your sales. The insight provided by our system can be a game-changer in your sales approach.

Why Choose 4iB's Rebates System?

Enhance Financial Forecasting: With accurate rebate tracking, plan your finances better and set realistic business goals.

Boost Sales Motivation: Use the tiered rebate structure as a tool to motivate and increase your sales team's performance.

Foster Stronger Vendor Relationships: Transparency and accuracy in rebate management contribute to building stronger, more trustworthy relationships with vendors.

Begin Your Journey to Bigger Rebates Today!

Step into a world of strategic sales and rewarding rebates with 4iB. Align your sales strategies, track your progress, and watch your rebate earnings grow.