Stay Ahead of the Competition with 4iB's Competitor Price Monitoring

Competitors Price Monitoring

Unveil a new dimension of competitive analysis with the Competitor Price Monitoring app, a strategic tool within the 4iB Inventory System designed to keep you ahead in the marketplace. This innovative feature is tailored for product managers seeking an edge in pricing strategy.


Effortless Competitor Price Tracking

Our app simplifies competitor price monitoring. Product managers can activate this feature for any product by simply entering the URLs of competitors selling the same product. You can track multiple competitors per product, ensuring a comprehensive view of the market.


Automated Regular Updates

Once set up, our system diligently monitors these competitors, automatically checking and recording their prices on a daily or scheduled basis. This automation ensures you're always informed with the most current pricing data.


Intelligent Price Comparison and Alerts

The heart of this feature lies in its ability to intelligently compare competitor prices with yours. If a competitor lowers their price below yours, our system promptly notifies the product management team. This instant alert allows you to make strategic pricing decisions swiftly, keeping you competitively priced in the market.


Strategic Advantage for Your Business

The Competitor Price Monitoring app is more than just a tracking tool; it's a strategic asset. By providing real-time insights into competitor pricing, it empowers your team to make informed decisions, ensuring your pricing strategy is always one step ahead.

Embrace the future of competitive pricing with 4iB's Competitor Price Monitoring – where staying ahead is not just a goal, it's a reality.