Boost Sales with Conditional and Auto Discounts
Automatically Reward Your Customers and Enhance Your Upselling Strategy

Conditional and Auto Discounts

Unlock the Power of Smart Discounting

Our Conditional and Auto Discounts functionality is a powerful tool designed to dynamically offer discounts based on customer actions. Perfect for marketing teams looking to increase conversions and upsell products, this feature intelligently adjusts discounts in real time, based on the contents of the customer's cart or their purchasing combinations.

Key Features


Automatic Discounts

Set rules for automatic discounts when certain conditions are met, like adding a third item to the cart.


Conditional Discounts

Create specific discount scenarios, like offering 50% off on a product when purchased with another item.


Flexible Discount Rules

Tailor discount conditions to suit various marketing strategies and promotional needs.


Increased Customer Engagement

Encourage customers to add more items to their cart or to combine purchases for better deals.

How It Works


Set Discount Conditions

Define rules for when discounts should apply, based on cart contents or product combinations.


Customer Adds Products

As customers shop, the system intelligently evaluates the cart against your discount rules.


Discounts are Applied Automatically

Eligible discounts are applied automatically, encouraging customers to complete their purchase.


Boosted Sales

Enjoy increased average order value and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Our Discount System?


Enhanced Shopping Experience

Provide dynamic discounts that delight customers.


Customizable Strategies

Tailor discounts to fit your unique sales goals and inventory needs.


Real-Time Adaptation

Discounts adjust in real time, responding to customer actions.


Increased Conversion Rates

Turn browsers into buyers with attractive, automated offers.