Boost Sales with Product Bundles
Combine Products for Attractive Deals and Enhance Customer Experience

Product Bundles

Bundle Up for Success

Our Product Bundles functionality on the 4AB e-commerce platform is a versatile tool that empowers store managers to create enticing product packages. By bundling items together at a discounted price, you not only enhance customer value but also accelerate inventory movement.

Key Features


Flexible Bundle Creation

Combine any number of products into a bundle.


Sophisticated Discount Systems

Tailor discounts for each bundle, offering more value to customers.


Seamless Integration

Direct connection with your shopping cart and product catalog.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Display bundles complete with images, descriptions, and discounts.

How It Works


Select Products

Choose products from your catalog to create a bundle.


Set the Discount

Define the discount rate for the bundle, enhancing its appeal.


Bundle Display

Showcase the bundles on your site with all necessary information and visuals.


Easy Purchase Process

Customers can add bundles to their cart with a single click.

Why Product Bundles?


Move Inventory Efficiently

Clear out stock faster by combining products in attractive deals.


Increase Average Order Value

Encourage customers to buy more through discounted bundles.


Customizable for Any Strategy

Create bundles that suit your specific sales and marketing goals.


Improve Shopping Experience

Offer customers convenient and value-packed purchasing options.