Engage Your Visitors with Interactive Pop-Ups
Craft Compelling Pop-Ups for Enhanced User Engagement and Information Sharing

Interactive Popups

Elevate Your Online Presence

The Interactive Pop-Ups app for the 4AB e-commerce platform revolutionizes how you engage with your website visitors. Whether for marketing, information dissemination, or customer engagement, our pop-ups are designed to capture attention and reduce bounce rates, enriching the user experience on your site.

Key Features


Diverse Pop-Up Types

Choose from modal pop-ups that require interaction or non-intrusive top-of-page banners.


Customizable Content

Include marketing materials, informational content, images, and more.


User Engagement Tools

Designed to increase engagement and reduce website bounce rates.


Easy Creation and Design

User-friendly interface to create and customize your pop-ups.


Scheduling and Targeting

Decide when and on which pages your pop-ups appear.

How It Works


Create Your Pop-Up

Design your pop-up using our intuitive tools, adding content and visuals.


Customize Settings

Choose the type of pop-up, set timing, and select target pages.


Engage Your Audience

Pop-ups appear based on your settings, engaging visitors with relevant content.


Analyze and Optimize

Monitor the performance of your pop-ups and adjust strategies for maximum impact.

Why Interactive Pop-Ups?


Improved User Interaction

Captivate your audience with timely and relevant information.


Customized Visitor Experience

Tailor content based on the page or user behavior.


Enhanced Marketing Impact

Use pop-ups for promotions, announcements, or to highlight special offers.


Flexibility and Control

Full command over design, scheduling, and placement of your pop-ups.