Maximize Earnings with Multi-Level Commission
Empower Your Sales and Affiliate Networks with a Flexible, Rewarding Commission Structure

Multi Level Commission

Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy

The Multi-Level Commission feature on the 4IB e-commerce platform introduces a dynamic and flexible way for business owners to reward their sales teams, affiliates, and partners. This functionality allows for the allocation of commission across multiple levels, ensuring that every contributor in a sales process is fairly rewarded.

Key Features


Flexible Commission Structures

Tailor commission levels to fit your business model and sales strategy.


Multi-Level Rewards

Distribute commissions across various tiers, rewarding each participant in the sales process.


Promo Code Integration

Link multi-level commissions to specific promo codes for easy tracking.


Manual Assignment and Option

Assign commissions post-sale, with admin verification for participant involvement.


Enhanced Engagement

Motivate your sales network with the potential for higher earnings.

How It Works


Set Up Commission Tiers

Define the levels and percentages for your multi-level commission structure.


Associate with Sales

Link commissions to sales transactions, either automatically via promo codes or manually post-sale.


Reward Contributors

Distribute earnings to each participant in the sales chain, based on your defined tiers.


Track and Optimize

Monitor commission payouts and adjust your strategy for maximum effectiveness.

Why Multi-Level Commission?


Incentivize Performance

Motivate your team with clear, lucrative commission prospects.


Recognize Every Contributor

Ensure all parties involved in a sale are appropriately rewarded.


Flexible and Fair

Adapt commission structures to suit various sales scenarios and participant roles.Adapt commission structures to suit various sales scenarios and participant roles.


Boost Sales and Relationships

Strengthen partnerships and drive sales growth through attractive commission plans.