Discover More with Product Suggestions
Enhance Shopping Experiences by Showcasing Relevant Product Alternatives

Product Suggestions

Explore a World of Options

The Product Suggestions functionality on the 4iB e-commerce platform is designed to enrich the customer's shopping journey. By displaying relevant product alternatives on each item page, it not only broadens the customer's choices but also provides an opportunity to showcase a variety of brands and items, potentially increasing conversion rates.

Key Features


Relevant Recommendations

Automatically display products similar to the one being viewed, in terms of characteristics and price range.


Diverse Selections

Offers alternatives from different manufacturers, providing a comprehensive view of available options.


Seamless Integration

Suggestions appear as customers scroll on the product page, enhancing the user experience without being intrusive.


Marketing Opportunities

Enables the marketing team to promote a wider range of products and brands effectively.

How It Works


Customer Views a Product

When a shopper navigates to a product page.


Automated Suggestions

As they scroll, the system displays a selection of related products based on characteristics and price.


Increased Engagement

Customers discover alternative options, encouraging exploration and extended interaction with your store.


Enhanced Sales Potential

More choices lead to better chances of finding the perfect fit, increasing the likelihood of