Amplify Your Sales with Daily Deals
Automate Your Promotions and Captivate Customers Every Day

Daily Deals

Daily Specials, Effortless Management

Our Daily Deals functionality is a game-changer for marketers seeking to boost sales and attract customers with fresh, exciting offers. Fully automated and user-friendly, it allows you to spotlight different products with attractive discounts that change daily, keeping your storefront dynamic and enticing.

Key Features


Automated Deal Management

Set up deals in advance with automatic start and end dates.


Flexible Discount Settings

Choose the discount percentage or amount for each deal.


Timed Promotions

Schedule deals for specific dates, perfect for aligning with peak shopping times or special events.


Increased Customer Engagement

Daily changing deals keep your store fresh and encourage repeat visits.

How It Works


Select a Product

Choose which products to feature in your daily deals.


Set the Discount

Decide on a discount rate or amount for each product.


Schedule the Deal

Pick start and end dates for the deal – our system handles the rest.


Boost in Sales

Watch as the automated deals attract customers and increase conversions.

Benefits of Daily Deals


Constant Variety

Keeps your storefront exciting and encourages customers to check back daily.


Enhanced Visibility

Spotlights different products, increasing their exposure and sale potential.


Automated Convenience

Set up your deals once, and let the system manage them seamlessly.


Sales Growth

Capitalize on the power of limited-time offers to drive purchase decisions.