Create and Share Your Desires with Wishlist
A Personalized Shopping Experience Meets Strategic Customer Insight


Your Desires, Organized and Shared

The Wishlist functionality on the 4iB e-commerce platform offers a dual advantage. It allows customers to curate their favorite products in a personalized wishlist, perfect for future purchases or sharing with friends and family. Simultaneously, it serves as a valuable tool for website administrators and marketing teams to gain insights into customer preferences for more targeted promotions.

Key Features for Customers


Easy Wishlist Creation

Add products to your wishlist with a simple click.


Share with Others

Let your friends and family know what you're eyeing by sharing your wishlist.


Plan Future Purchases

Keep track of items you love and buy them when you're ready.

Key Features for Store Managers


Customer Insight

View aggregated wishlist data to understand popular products and trends.


Targeted Marketing

Use wishlist data to create customized ads and promotions.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Reach out to customers with special offers on products they've shown interest in.

How It Works


Customer Adds to Wishlist

Shoppers select and add items to their wishlist as they browse.


Sharing Made Easy

Wishlists can be shared with others, functioning like a gift registry.


Store Managers Analyze Data

Admins and marketing teams access wishlist data to gather customer insights.


Strategic Marketing

Create targeted campaigns based on the products customers are most interested in.

Why Wishlist?


Improved Shopping Experience

Customers enjoy a more personalized and convenient way to shop.


Data-Driven Marketing

Gain invaluable insights for crafting effective marketing strategies.


Increased Sales Opportunities

Targeted promotions lead to higher conversion rates.


Build Customer Relationships

Engage with customers based on their interests, enhancing loyalty.