Make Informed Purchases with Product Comparison
Easily Compare Products to Find Your Perfect Match

Product Comparison

Empower Your Customers with Smart Comparison Tools

Our Product Comparison functionality on the IB e-commerce platform is designed to enhance the shopping experience by providing clear, concise comparisons of similar products. This feature automatically generates a comparison table, showcasing the attributes of different products side-by-side, helping customers make informed decisions.

Key Features


Automatic Comparison

The system intelligently identifies similar products and compares their attributes.


Detailed Comparison Tables

View features, prices, specifications, and more in an easy-to-read format.


Informed Decision-Making

Helps customers understand the differences and similarities between products.


Enhanced Product Visibility

Showcases a wider range of your products, aiding in product discovery.

How It Works


Select Products to Compare

Customers can choose products they are interested in or let the system suggest comparisons.


View Comparison Table

The system displays a comprehensive table comparing the selected products.


Make an Informed Choice

Customers can easily discern which product best meets their needs.


Easy Navigation to Purchase

Direct links to product pages for a seamless shopping experience.

Why Use Product Comparison?


Simplify Customer Choices

Make it easier for customers to understand their options.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Provide all the information needed to make a confident purchase.


Boost Conversion Rates

Detailed comparisons can lead to more decisive and satisfied buyers.


Showcase Product Range

Highlight the diversity of your product offerings.