Grow Customer Loyalty with Reward Points on 4IB
Encourage Repeat Business and Enhance Shopping Experiences with a Flexible Points System

Reward Points

Rewarding Every Purchase

Our Reward Points functionality is a cornerstone of the 4IB e-commerce platform, designed to foster customer loyalty and retention. By allowing customers to accumulate points with each purchase and redeem them for future buys, we create a rewarding shopping experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Key Features


Flexible Points Allocation

Configure how many points customers earn per dollar spent.


Real-Time Tracking

Customers can view their points balance, pending points, and usage history.


Automated Email Reminders

Send reminders to customers about their points, including those nearing expiration.


Complete Management View

Store managers have full visibility into the points system, tracking usage, and customer balances.


Expiration Settings

Set and manage expiration dates for points, driving timely repeat purchases.

How It Works


Earn Points

Customers accumulate points on every purchase, based on your custom settings.


Track and Manage

Both customers and store managers can view and manage points through their respective interfaces.


Redeem for Purchases

Customers use their points to make purchases or get discounts, enhancing their shopping experience.


Stay Informed

Automated emails keep customers updated about their points status.

Why Reward Points?


Enhance Customer Retention

Build a loyal customer base by rewarding repeat purchases.


Encourage Additional Sales

Use points as an incentive for customers to return and shop more.


Personalized Experience

Tailor the points system to fit your business model and customer preferences.


Strategic Marketing Tool

Leverage points to promote products and manage inventory effectively.