Elevate Your Sales Strategy with Versatile Discount Codes
Create, Manage, and Optimize Discounts Tailored to Your Business Needs

Discount Codes

Infinite Flexibility for Every Promotional Need

The Discount Codes app on the 4iB platform is a robust tool that provides unparalleled flexibility in creating and managing a wide array of discount codes. Cater to different products, customer groups, and promotional strategies with ease, and watch your sales strategy thrive.

Key Features


Diverse Discount Options

Create codes for specific products, brands, categories, or user groups.



Set up offers like 'buy one, get one free' to automatically apply at checkout.


Commission-Based Codes

Assign users to specific codes and reward them with commissions on sales.


Customizable Attributes

Control status (active/inactive), discount type (fixed/percentage), expiration dates, and more.


Public and Private Codes

Tailor your codes for broad use or exclusive audiences.

How It Works


Code Creation

Easily generate codes for a variety of scenarios and products.


Set Attributes

Define the discount's value, duration, and applicable products or categories.


Assign Users (Optional)

Link codes to specific users for commission tracking.


Monitor and Manage

Track code usage, adjust settings, and optimize your discount strategies.

Why Use Our Discount Codes App?


Targeted Promotions

Create specific discounts that appeal to different customer segments.


Increased Sales Potential

Use auto-discounts to encourage larger purchases.


Affiliate Opportunities

Expand your reach through commission-based partnerships.


Complete Control

Enjoy full flexibility in managing every aspect of your discounts.